The Serpent Speaks

I recently began my second après-écoles group at Brasles. (My thoughts about my first one are here.)  I needed a story as inspiration for construction work with the children.  This is what I wrote, a fast and fantastical story wrapped around the lovely little poem by Edwin Morgan, “The Loch Ness Monster’s Song”:


Last-minute transmission of schedules left me imagining working with 8-10yr olds in a dedicated space, but when I arrived, I discovered I’m with (about 24) 4-6yr olds, and still sitting in their own classroom!  So I had to think fast.  My first words to them were Edwin Morgan’s poem, then I tried, in my bad French, a reduced version of the story, which they almost grasped.

The following week I brought in a monsterish off-cut of wood, and we began decorating it.

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