Cafézoïde: A café for children and their friends, and much more.

The food, drinks, and snacks are mostly organic, you might have a crêpe cooked and served by an 8 year old, and then sit down beside an 80 year old, and get caught up in a conversation about how to make streets more friendly for children.

If you venture upstairs, you’ll find a hidden world of welcome for children of all ages. You could sit and giggle with crawling babies and their friends, or if your small enough climb up away from all the adults, or paint your face, or paint a picture, or learn to walk on a tight-rope, or read with your friends in the “aquarium”. If you’re still toddling you’ll probably want to play at the fountain or run off with the table-football ball. If you’re a little older you’ll easily make friends and find a hundred things to do, and will probably protest when your adults tell you it’s time to go. If you’re a teenager you’ll likely be playing cards, or making something, while chatting about how to make the world a better place. If you’re all grown up, well you can just enjoy the happy vibe, or talk about how to be a happier grown up, or help organise a workshop.

The big event each morning begins around 11h00: the sing-along for babies and anyone else, with live music, dancing and laughter. Then there’s lunch from 12h00 to 14h00, and in the afternoon a meeting for all who have something to say, then crêpes. Around that there are workshops offering all sorts of activities: yoga, dance, ukulele, theatre, origami, mosaic-tiling, drawing and many more creative arts. Occasionally there are story tellers that come to enchant, little plays and dances performed, professional musicians giving free concerts.

Cafézoïde is open from Wednesday through to Sunday, 10h00 to 18h00. Created with the vision and energy of Anne-Marie, who you can meet there yourself, it’s now supported by many dedicated volunteers and a team of cheery staff. Cafézoïde is a hub of activity for the happiness and wellbeing of children. The many internal and external activities are decided in consultation with children, and with other child-friendly people and organisations.

If you want to feel happy in Paris with your children, come to Cafézoïde, and if you did feel happy there, think about how you can help make the world a better place everywhere for children.

Cafézoïde’s Facebook page.

Joel San Juan’s vimeo.


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